Tu Anh Schroeter


Do you ever allow your partner to surprise you? Or do you already know what they will think, say and do?

Could you actually breathe new life into your relationships?

The answer is a resounding yes!

We’ve gotten feedback that you not only want conceptual perspectives about how to enrich your relationship, but tactical skills to apply as well. We are listening, and yes, we will also cover tactical skills you can apply to expand and enliven your romantic relationships.

In this course we will cover:

  • Setting intentions and taking a breather before walking into the house or before having conversations with your partner
  • Being present (like breathing)
  • Deciding what energy, space, and vibe to bring to your relationship
  • Creating & loving a renewed vision and version of your partner
  • Allowing your partner to surprise you by shifting your perspectives

Everything you need to create your most powerful life, already exists within you.

One of the things all of us could benefit from is having powerful, healthy, synchronistic, soul-aligned relationships in our lives.

In this relationship course, you will learn some powerful principles to step into new ways of being, new ways of thinking, new channels, and new frequencies.

1)     You already have everything within you to live your best life. You already have everything within you to transform and create healthy powerful relationships in your life (including the relationship you have with money).

2)    You’re not stuck with the life you have. You get to choose to be ok right now, in this exact moment of now.

3)    You are 100% responsible for your relationships in your life

4)     You create the space, the intentions, the vibe, then energy of the relationships in your life and you are in control of your responses and the quality of your relationships

5)     Your most important relationship starts with the one you have with yourself

Tu Anh’s intentions of this course for you:

  • May you create blueprints for the relationships that you desire to have in your life.
  • May you step into ways of being that foster powerful relationships in your life.
  • May you create relationships that allow you to thrive and flourish in your life.
  • May you access profound clarity and enlightenment about the relationships in your life.
  • May you love yourself exactly in all the ways that you are and all the ways you are not.
  • May you love all humans in your life in all the ways that they are and all the ways they are not.
  • May the divine answers from your higher intelligence (which I like to call that the Multiverse within you) shed light upon all your soul’s searching.
  • May you see the magnificence that surrounds you — the beauty, the perfection, the divinity of all that is, in your life, around your life, all of it.

We look forward to seeing you in class!

We have created a questionnaire to help you assess your current relationship. Access the questionnaire here

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For this particular relationship course, we will also offer a unique option. Typically, as a life coach, Tu Anh works with her clients on a one-on-one basis. For this relationship course, we will do something similar and conduct some mini one-on-one coaching sessions during this course.

If you are interested in having a mini one-on-one coaching session with Tu Anh, please let us know beforehand if possible (or if you decide to during the course, that’s fine too, but we might run out of time. You can email soulelevatedlife@gmail.com or text Tu Anh at 469-879-7678).

We are very excited to offer this life transformative class and look forward to hearing from all of you!

Your guide for this course will be Tu Anh

Tu Anh Quach Schroeter, BA Business Administration, MPA Master Professional Accounting, is the creator of Soul Elevated Life coaching services, self-empowerment personal development courses (all available online), and author of soon to be released book, Access the Multiverse Within You.

After 16 years of working in middle management at a 24-billion-dollar vehicle management and car rental company, she left her job to focus solely on her life work and soul work, especially as a life coach.

During a neurodynamic breathwork session with Michael Stone, Tu Anh received a “download” of her life purpose and mission to be a Sherpa for others in their climb up the mountain. This mountain represents the journey a human takes to accessing their inner power, the Multiverse Within Them.

Tu Anh believes that all you need to live your life powerfully, already exists within you.  Many humans forget about this divine power within them, their inner truth.

Working with a Sherpa, a life coach, helps you access that inner power quickly, and you start training and practicing a new way of thinking and being. With this new way of being, you then create the life you desire to live, the one that is aligned with your soul’s purpose, expansion, and growth.

You create a life that is deeply fulfilling, profoundly meaningful, infinitely powerful, complete with perfect enoughness, total freedom, and genuine connectedness. You transform all your relationships of your life, including the ones with money, time, yourself, your spouse or significant others, your family, friends, pretty much all the fellow souls you interact with, even “random strangers” in the elevator and checkout counters.

You see the magnificent beauty that surrounds you, and the divine perfection of all of it, every aspect of your life, life on our planet and of course the great cosmos.

Tu Anh has informally been a life coach starting at a young age. While in high school, her peers nominated her to be a mentor, confidante, and life coach for other students and younger kids.  Formally, Tu Anh has trained under master life coach, Lauren Roberts, creator and owner of the NOW Nation and Love Live NOW enterprises.

Clients can now finally answer the calling from the depths of their soul’s searching. Tu Anh has committed to allowing herself to be available for clients to work with her. She is available for private coaching sessions as well as weekly group coaching sessions. Check out her online courses on her website SoulElevatedLife.com and be on the lookout for her soon to be released book on Amazon.com!

Download the Pre-Course Assignments

Click here to download a helpful relationship questionnaire to assess your current relationship: Using the Principles of Breathwork to Transform Your Romantic Relationships Questionnaire

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Note: As always, the online special classes will be recorded and posted for future viewing for subscribers. To view recordings of prior courses on relationships visit here. (As a monthly subscriber you have access to the recording of previous sessions for all courses including ones for Emotional Freedom Technique, Enneagrams, and Astrology).

For the most transformative and interactive experience, we do recommend you attend the live session so you may ask questions and get immediate clarifications.