Heidi Denkers


Heidi Denkers is is an NDB Facilitator, NDB Staff Member and has a Masters in Psychology with an emphasis in expressive arts therapy. She is also a published poet, an artist, works with mandalas, journals regularly, plays with music, dances often and works with symbolism.

Most importantly, she believes that true creativity is within each of us and is the complete opposite of labeling someone as this or that. Often, because of upbringing, social conditioning, friends or teachers, we believe the lie that we are not talented enough to play with the arts. We let these limitations become barriers that simply do not allow us to express what we long to share of our inner selves, the voice of our inner guiding intelligence.

Heidi has experienced the power of creative expression and integration by overcoming her own life challenges through her art. She inspires everyone around her to do the same and teaches just how to do it – through play and joyful creative integration.

Once a month on our community platform, Heidi will explore a different life theme with creative integration through play, words, movement, color, symbolism, music and more with our wonderful subscribers!

And also later this year, Heidi will be launching her own FREE 8-week course on creative integration through various arts.

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