Anne Arthur


Using The Enneagram For Personal Growth and Inner Awareness

Enneagram:  A nine-sided figure used to represent the spectrum of possible personality types.

Together we will explore the fundamentals of the Enneagram, with an eye toward compassionately illuminating some of our deeper motivations. These motivations are connected to aspects of our spiritual nature.

Learn the Nine Core Blueprints of the Soul

Within each of us, mostly hidden from our awareness, are core ideas about the nature of reality and the world around us. The Enneagram offers a map of 9 blueprints—each representing a different core idea—that drives the creation and development of our personality. Each of our unique personalities develop in the particular setting of our life circumstances relying primarily on one of the 9 blueprints with the rest of the 8 blueprints being featured in our personality to a lesser degree.

For example, believing there is a lack of a particular quality (such as love or knowledge) in ourselves or the world, our personality might develop and become an expression or carrier of that quality (such as being loving or knowledgeable) in an attempt to address that deficit. Mother Theresa was someone who was acutely tuned into the lack of personal love in the world and offering that was a part of her expression of helping.

Step Outside Your Limited Perspective

Determining our personality type through the Enneagram does not put us in a box, but helps us see the box from which we experience the world. With this awareness, we can step outside of our limited perspective. Ideally, personality is an effective way to express ourselves but challenges arise when our point of view becomes rigid and we get stuck in automatic habits. By discovering these unconscious patterns we can lead more fulfilling lives, enjoy healthier relationships, and connect to our true essence.
In the six sessions we will cover the following topics:

  1. Introduction to the Enneagram – Sat May 11, 9:30am – 11:00am California Time. To register, see your Subscriber Email.
  2. Journey to the Gut Center (types 8, 9, 1)
  3. Journey to the Heart Center (types 2, 3, 4)
  4. Journey to the Head Center (types 5, 6. 7)
  5. Instinctual Preferences (social, sexual and self preservation)
  6. A taste of the Spiritual Enneagram

Your guide for this course will be Anne Arthur.

She has been a student of the Enneagram for over 15 years. Her journey began through the Enneagram book Facets of Unity by A.H. Almaas. She has since studied with several Enneagram teachers and uses the Enneagram in her Coaching & Hypnotherapy practice.

Note: As always, the online special classes will be recorded and posted for future viewing for subscribers.