Why Some Feel Resistance to Breathing in Breathwork

Why Some Feel Resistance to Breathing in Breathwork

The opposition to the breathing comes from your ego mind…a resistance to change and emotions. If you look up the work of Wilhelm Reich, he is the one who discovered that restricted breath is the result of “body armoring”, a resistance to feeling emotions, a body armoring of sorts.

If you experience this, my suggestion is as follows: let go of the breath technique that I discuss and instead find something that works for you where you can just move more air than normal.  What I find works for some people is a very deep but slow breath, i.e. a bit slower than normal and making a sound on the outbreath, like an “aahhhh….” for the first bit of time. That is what I would start with. If that does not work for you, find something else that does not feel stressful or hard for your body. And, if you are feeling frustration with not being to breathe more deeply, dive into the frustration, really let yourself feel it, let it be like a force of nature, an accumulation of all the frustration you have felt in your life when you felt like you were not doing something correctly or could not make something work and let out sounds and move.

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