What Can I Do if I am Struggling to Drop in to a Breathwork Session, if My Mind Will Not Quiet Down?

There are 3 things you can do:

1)     If you are feeling any emotion around it (it will usually be disappointment, frustration or anger), dive into the emotion, make it bigger, visualize it pulsing in every cell of your body, make sounds associated with the emotion and move your body.  That will almost always drop you right in.  The chit-chat mind and strong emotions cannot exist at the same time.

2)     Do a sort of meditation where you watch the thoughts come and go, do not give them any energy or power, keep your attention and focus on your body.

3)     Amplify the power of the thoughts, make them big and loud, like the chit-chat voice is screaming in your head, and see what happens. Sometimes when you amplify something to the max, it releases or it evokes a strong emotion

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