Subscriptions – Benefits

1) Unlimited Participation in All Breathwork Online Workshops

(Note: There will be 9 – 12 workshops per month, current schedule below)

2) Monthly Conference Call With Michael (For Subscribers Only).

These calls will give you a chance to share in more detail, ask any questions about breathwork or about your integration experiences after the breathwork sessions.  It will also be a chance to share your breathwork experiences with the group and how breathwork is impacting your lives. Lastly, you can give me input regarding other things, if any, that you would like to see in the program.

3) All subscribers will receive a week of free breathwork workshops before your card is billed.

4) All subscribers will be able to have any of their friends that have never done a session before participate in their first session for free. (Note: anybody on the mail-list can do this now, but starting later this year, this benefit will be only available to subscribers.)