Special Rate for Students and Those in Financial Need

Thank you for your interest in our Breathwork Online workshops. We want to make our Breathwork Online workshops as available as possible. Toward that end, we offer a special discounted rate for all students.  If you are a student, please feel free to use the following coupon code whenever you attend one of our workshops.

In addition, this special student rate may also be used by those who are currently in a state of financial need.  If you wish to participate in our workshops, but the regular cost is prohibitive for you at this time, please feel free to utilize our student rate.  A breathwork session or two may be just what you need to get some inner guidance on how to move forward. We only ask you to use your discretion, and to please pay the regular rate when you can afford it.  We are a small company which relies on the support of our attendees.

Thank you! We are grateful for your support!

To register for any of our workshops at 33% discount ($18 per session), use the following code: studentbreathe

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