Working Through Strong Experiences in Breathwork

Working Through Strong Experiences in Breathwork

Breathwork will give you the experiences that you need to create wholeness in your being. It may create a strong experience, for example, even a sense of panic, during the breathwork as your psyche tries to release the energy that is stuck inside of you, such as feelings of insecurity or deep emotional pain.  It is always something surfacing that is already inside of you, something that wants to get out, be fully felt, and released.

However, you have to feel OK to have this type of strong experience because once it comes up, it is important that you process through it and don’t suppress it back into your body. You really have to look inside yourself and see if you get the sense that the strength that you feel is enough to work thru what comes up.

If you feel something arise that is a residue from childhood, such as a feeling that you cannot take care of yourself, you may want to consider working with one of our facilitators, Saemi Nakamura, who specializes in this kind of work, to connect to the child part of your brain, the “inner child”, through guided meditation. Her website is: and if you would like to connect with her and ask questions, her email is:

If you would like to try a free Online Breathwork session, please go here.

Our live, virtual Neurodynamic Breathwork Online sessions are hosted using the Zoom conferencing software and last approximately 100 minutes.  We offer sessions 4 – 5 times per week, so this is a great modality if you want to create a regular breathwork practice. Click here to find out more about our online breathwork process.

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