When Sexual Energy Presents Itself During Breathwork

When Sexual Energy Presents Itself During Breathwork

Sexual energy is the strongest energy in the body…it is your life-force energy. So, it does happen that participants strongly feel that energy come up during the breathwork. It is usually a message from your inner self that you need to be more present with that energy in your body. Any energy that is suppressed into your body creates problems. Once the energy is recognized and allowed to present itself, it then gives you the option to work with it, transform it and use it to move your life forward in a very powerful way. So, the bottom line is, all good! Whatever wants to come out in a breathwork session, let it come!

So, bottom line is, if sexual energy presents itself in future sessions, go with it. Follow what your body wants. An energy must be recognized and allowed to fully present itself before you can work with it and transform it. If you suppress it into your body, it will cause trouble. Let your sexual energy flow as freely as possible and then start playing with transforming it into something else. When you finish your body feels AMAZING because your sexual energy has been moved throughout your entire body, waking up your cells, revitalizing your body.

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