Move Your Body to Support Breathwork Integration

30 minutes of build-a-sweat body movement (of any type) is not just a good thing for all the reasons we’ve always heard, but it ALSO supports breathwork integration.

Here are some of the reasons why movement will benefit you in the breathwork integration process:

  • On the mental level, it helps us to focus better, make better decisions, plan better, think things through with more efficiency (impact on the frontal cortex), and generally have a positive impact on our outlook on life

  • All of that in turn helps us alleviate anxiety and worries (because we are better able to get out of “stinking thinking” mind and see things with more objectivity & clarity)

  • Also on an emotional level: It has an immediate positive impact on our mood, feelings of hopefulness, courage, and reducing our feelings of isolation/loneliness

  • Movement improve our ability to handle/work with deeper emotions (i.e. to face them instead of being a victim of them).

  • It helps increase feelings of empowerment in life (both because by exercising we are actually validating/proving to ourself that we do have agency in our choices, but also because of the impact on our mood and mental clarity)

  • On a physical level, it helps us feel more energetic

The impact of regular exercise “rivals the benefits observed in the most cutting-edge treatments for depression and addiction”.   As Kelly McGonigal says in her book “The Joy of Movement,” If you are willing to move, your muscles will give you hope.”

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