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What our participants say:

Participants from over 120 countries have validated the power of this breathwork modality.
They report benefits like the following:

greater access to inner wisdom 64%
increased connection to intuition 60%
greater self-awareness 60%
increased ability to relax 56%
increased calm & peace 54%
increased connection to Source 51%
increased ability to manage stress better in the moment 47%
increased trust in self 45%
more clarity on their purpose 45%
relief from anxiety 40%
release of grief 40%

Results of Neurodynamic Breathwork™ Online Research

Results of Neurodynamic Breathwork™ Online Research


"What an incredible experience! I had done in-person breathwork before..and was not sure what to expect online. My journey was just as powerful. A deep connection with myself and release of repressed emotions. It was amazing!"
Diana B., Chicago
"Doing Breathwork Online consistently has helped me to facilitate an ability on my part to embrace parts of myself that were previously hidden or suppressed. Toward the end of my most recent session, I experienced a sense, a glimpse, a spark of wholeness deep in my soul. It was real and profound. I saw that this state or frequency is going to grow in my life as I continue to do the work of Breathwork and especially integration. There is nothing better than to be whole, complete and connected within.
Rachel, M.A., LMFT

How we Connect

We use Zoom to run out sessions over the internet. It’s free, works on desktop and mobile, and lets us connect as a community. Don’t worry, we will email you with instructions!

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