Background and Benefits of Neurodynamic Breathwork Online

Thank you for visiting our site!  My name is Michael Stone.  I’m a certified Holotropic Breathwork facilitator, and I’ve worked closely with Dr. Stan Grof and the Grof Transpersonal Training Program over the last 12 years.

From the moment I first experienced Dr. Grof’s Holotropic Breathwork (HB), I was deeply moved and impressed with its potency and the capacity it had to impact and change people’s lives.  However, as powerful as HB it is, it has one drawback… it requires a 12-hour commitment to experience a workshop, and workshops are only available in very limited locations around the world.  Thus, I’ve always wished there was a way to make it more accessible, so that more people might experience its benefits without significant time and monetary commitment.  This is especially true in the challenging times we live in — our world is so much in need of healing!

I wanted to do something about that. However, many of my colleagues were skeptical that it would be possible to recreate the breathwork experience and benefits online. Additionally, when I initially researched it a few years back, the technology that would allow high-quality audio transmission to groups of people did not exist. So I let it go… until recently. Last year, I found out that that technology had progressed far enough to now allow transmit high-quality audio to live groups online!   So, I decided to go for it! I’ve spent the last couple of years working with almost two thousand participants to explore a wide variety of techniques, to see what worked and what didn’t work in the online setting.  After a whole lot of trial and error, I am excited to announce that I have invented a new type of breathwork modality that can be done online in the comfort of your home utilizing shorter breathing sessions.

The results have been surprising and amazing!  It has literally changed my world and the world of people who participate in the workshops (read some of their testimonials below).

In addition to the already huge benefits of the breathwork itself, the biggest surprise is that participants are receiving a whole new set of benefits when they’re able to participate on a much more regular basis than previously possible with in-person Holotropic Breathwork workshops.  Participating on a regular basis allows you to create powerful changes to your nervous systems by strengthening the neural pathways to your inner intelligence. It changes your perspective in a powerful way, helping you to realize that you already have all of the answers inside of you.  This allows you to feel and access a deeper experience of self-empowerment in your everyday life. Breathwork allows you to let go of your crowded, conditioned mind and repetitive emotional dramas, and connect to the same magnificent intelligence that regulates every level of our body and brain and sustains our lives.

Because of this, I have named this new modality Neurodynamic Breathwork © (NDB) from “neuro” (pertaining to the nervous system) and “dynamic” (from the Greek dynamikos – meaning powerful).

I am thrilled that you have decided to give this exciting new modality a try, and it is my honor to offer you a free session to try it for yourself.


“I’ve been using psychedelics and plant medicine for years.  I didn’t believe that something as simple as breathwork could provide the same intensity or powerful of an experience. Boy, was I in for a surprise — I was blown away!  My first experience was at least as powerful as any psychedelic session that I have ever had and I had an amazing body release that I have never had with any psychedelic, all through the simplicity of breath and music! Wow! I wish that I had tried this years ago.” – F.G., Bay Area

“My experience during the Neurodynamic Breathwork Online workshop truly gave me a new birth and life! I found my life purpose last night!!! For almost the last 20 years I have gone to class and seminar after seminar and these breathwork meditations have been the most powerful and graceful form of healing and integration I have experienced. I am excited to make NDB a part of my ongoing spiritual practice! Thank you for making this available and for your loving compassionate energy.” N.N., Los Angeles

“Most of the experience while participating in Breathwork Online has been of direct communication with my higher self (<- Insert whatever term suits you here) and guidance for the future.  I have had a vision of what my true vocation in life is and have taken the necessary prerequisite steps to begin life on that path.  It has been wonderful to find all of this wisdom and guidance, sitting there waiting to be heard. Gratitude” – Andrew S., Los Angeles