I Have Been Releasing Anxiety For Three Straight Sessions, Is There An End?

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Yes, and no.

Yes –  there is an end to a given release that you are having, whether it is around despair or anxiety or whatever it is and the fastest way to get to the end is to let it process through as deeply as possible.  It needs to follow its course and release.  If you suppress it, it will take a long time.  It will release in little pieces and get pushed back in. The more you can surrender to the process, the faster it will process through.

Also “No” in the sense that once that does happen and it completes, something else will come up.  The process of releasing and opening up and letting go never ends. But a given experience does end.

The best way to speed it up is to surrender and feel it as deeply as possible. Even though, in the moment, it can be a very difficult experience emotionally, it can be scary, but when you look at it from the perspective of a longer term, it is incredibly healthy.  It is there in your body and ultimately will create health problems if you do not do some release work around it.

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