Course: Introduction to Astrology

Breathwork and Astrology Online Course

Note:  If you’d like a copy of your natal birth chart before your class, please share your birth information with us, here.  All submissions received by the Friday evening prior to class, by 8pm PST will be guaranteed to be in your inbox before class.

Dr. Stan Grof tried for two decades to find a tool which would help predict people’s reactions to nonordinary experiences, such as breathwork, and nothing worked… until he looked at transit astrology.  After 30 years of exploring the astrological correlates of mystical experiences, psychospiritual crises, psychotic episodes, psychedelic states, and holotropic breathwork sessions, he wrote:  “My work has shown that astrology, particularly the study of planetary transits, can predict and illuminate both the archetypal content of non-ordinary states of consciousness and the timing of when particular states are most likely to occur.”

Astrology can help you understand your life journey and your unique gifts and weaknesses. Your natal chart gives an amazing perspective on your purpose, and the challenges you’ll need to overcome to achieve it. It can also shed light on the issues you’re going through right now – what is your soul learning, which way is the current moving, and how long will the energy last.  And, as Grof points out above, it can be a valuable tool to help you understand your breathwork journey.

During this six-session course with Glenn Girlando, M.A., you will begin learning the basics of the language of Astrology.  By the end you will know enough to look at your natal birth chart (and others) and be able to understand the key elements of your chart. Please Note: We will cover transits and how to read them in the Level 2 Course, which will begin in September. Transits are required to read your chart in correlation with breathwork sessions.

During this course, we’ll cover the following topics.

Session 1:  Basics of Astrology

Session 2:  The Planets

Session 3:  The Signs

Session 4:  The Houses

Session 5:  The Aspects

Session 6:  Putting it All Together

Glenn Girlando’s Bio

Glenn has been using astrology to understand his life and relationships better for over 25 years.  His approach combines the insights of Steven Forrest (Evolutionary Astrology) and Richard Tarnas (Archetypal Astrology).  He completed his M.A. degree from Antioch University Seattle focused in Transformational Psychology. He also trained with Dr. Stan Grof and led Holotropic Breathwork workshops in Seattle for over 15 years.  He considers Astrology and Breathwork to be his two favorite subjects of all-time, primarily because they both bypass the superficial and cut to the soulful core of what it means to be a human being.