Coming Out of the Breathwork Session a Bit Trembly, Feeling More Vulnerable

Being open and vulnerable  is part of being fully human and we almost never do that. We are almost always suppressed in some way.  We are worrying about looking good, about not making a mistake, about  what others will think of us and when you get in touch with that true essence of humanity, that opening up, that vulnerability, that being in your body, when you come out of the breathwork, you do feel more shy because it feels more risky to be open like that.  But, it is that risk that makes life ultimately worth living.  So, if you do feel like that afterwards, it is a really good sign that you are getting more in touch with your humanity, more in touch with what life is really all about so, if that does happen to you, be with it, hold space for yourself, love yourself, be tender with yourself, be present with those feelings, open your heart to them. They are actually very beautiful feelings that we almost never allow ourselves to have.

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