Breathwork And Loving What Is

In breathwork, make anything that happens during the session a part of the process, normally there are at least one or two people who share that something happened that interrupted their session in some way—i.e. somebody walked into their room, their cat jumped on their belly, etc. Just embody "Loving…

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The Ego Mind and The Breath

The ego mind has no interest in the breath. Why? Because the ego loves things that it will be praised and recognized for. Breathing is too easy. The ego mind cannot proudly say "see how well I breathe!". ​​​ Nobody will tell you "you are amazing! Your will become famous…

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Integrating Your Powerful Breathwork Experiences

The next time you have a powerful experience in your breathwork that you feel is important to you and you want to bring into your life, after the session journal about the experience and list every detail that you can remember, including any insights you may have gotten, but mostly…

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Neurodynamic Release Work
Woman using Neurodynamic Release Work on her shoulder to release residual tension after a breathwork session.

Neurodynamic Release Work

Normally, during a Neurodynamic Breathwork Workshop, the body will complete its own release work by first maximizing the tension in a specific body area, then releasing it. Occasionally, at the end of a workshop, it can happen that the body has not quite gotten to maximum tension so there a…

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Breathwork Exercise For Grounding

Stand on the earth with your bare feet, close your eyes and breathe slowly and deeply. But do not just breathe into your belly. When you breathe in, visualize breathing in all the way from the earth, feeling whatever the earth has to offer - its warmth, its texture, its…

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Breathwork For Students

How can breathwork help students? If you are a student, we have a special discount for you in Neurodynamic Breathwork Online to encourage you to give it a try. Decreased Stress, Better Sleep, Less Illness One of the primary benefits to students is that breathwork has been shown to decrease…

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Breathwork and Fear

Breathwork is not always "fun". But, the "fun" experiences in life are not the ones that bring you the most profound realizations and personal growth. Sometimes, it takes courage to process through the experiences that your inner guidance brings up. When fear comes up during breathwork, it is a tremendous…

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Quieting the Ego Mind

If you ego mind comes back in during the session, you have one of two choices. First, you can refocus your attention on the breath, making sure to follow the technique that you started with for several minutes (Deep, diaphragmatic breathing through the mouth, a little faster than normal, with…

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Breathwork And Tetany

Breathwork and Tetany About a third to a half of people who try breathwork experience something called tetany.   What is Tetany?   The term “Tetany” like “tetanus”  comes from the Greek word “tetanos” which means convulsive tension. Also known as carpopedal spasms, during an experience of tetany, parts of your…

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How Often Should I Do Breathwork?

There is no rule about how often to do breathwork, some people do it once a month, others do it once a week or more and the general guideline is to trust your instinct/inner guidance on what works the best for you. Each breathwork session stands on its own and…

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