After Breathwork Watch Your Dreams

  • Post published:June 26, 2019

Vivid dreams (and/or "nightmares") in the couple of days after the session are an important integration tool. It means that your psyche feels safe to release. You are closest to…

Losing Track of Time and Space

  • Post published:June 20, 2019

Entering A Timeless Space Many times in the breathwork, participants report that they completely lost track of the time and that the hour of the breathwork just flew by. This…

Neurodynamic Breathwork and Boredom

  • Post published:May 27, 2019

Occasionally, I will get a question after an online breathwork workshop by one of the participants, "When the music got softer at the end of the session, I got bored.…

Breathwork And Emotional Responsibility

  • Post published:May 6, 2019

Every Strong Emotion Is An Opportunity For Personal Growth - You can work with your emotions in a way that creates an opportunity for personal growth and deeper self-understanding instead…

First Time Breather Checklist

  • Post published:April 5, 2019

First Time Breather Checklist   It is best to eat lightly or not at all in the one to two hours before the session Find a spot where you will…

Breathwork Integration Suggestions

  • Post published:February 8, 2019

Post-Breathwork Integration Suggestions Below are our suggestions for supporting your integration process after your breathwork session. If, after reading through them, you have any questions, you can e-mail us at:…

Breathwork Online Preparatory Information For First-Time Participants

  • Post published:March 17, 2018

BREATHWORK ONLINE PREPARATORY INFORMATION FOR FIRST-TIME NEURODYNAMIC BREATHWORK PARTICIPANTS To View or Print This Document as a PDF: Neurodynamic-Breathwork-Online-Preparatory-Information This is the preparatory information for participating in one of our…

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