Glenn Girlando

Glenn Girlando Bio

I’ve known since age 19 that the exploration of human potential, self-actualization, and consciousness exploration were my passions, and that my field of study would be psychology. Between then and now, I’ve explored a wide range of philosophies, religions, spiritual growth methods and spiritual paths.

Ultimately, the two that have resonated most close to my soul are Breathwork and Astrology — for the simple fact that they cut through all the BS directly to the soul-level (it’s not a coincidence that “The Invitation” is one of my favorite poems).

I certified in and led Holotropic Breathwork workshops in the Seattle area between 2002 and 2017, and facilitated at more than 180 breathwork workshops; leading 130 of those.

I’ve been a student of astrology since 1986.  Every year I become more in awe of the depth and profound subtlety of the archetypal planetary energies which underlie all that we do in life.  Soul-Astrology

I’ve been building and running websites and using SEO to market them since 1997.  I built the BreathworkOnline website, and still occasionally work with small business owners who are passionate about sharing their talents with the world.  Simple Passion Web Design.

I completed a Master’s degree in Psychology from Antioch University Seattle in 1998, which I self-designed, focused on Psychology, Spirituality and Transformational Adult Education.