The Inner Guiding Intelligence

The underlying principle for Neurodynamic Breathwork is that everybody has an “inner guiding intelligence”, a body wisdom that already has all the answers and that your body already knows exactly how it needs to breathe as the music set progresses. Everybody’s breath looks different. There is no “correct” technique as…

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What Creates the Neurodynamic Breathwork Experience?

It is the intertwining of breath, music and surrendering that creates what you experience in the hour long Neurodynamic Breathwork session. Physiologically -  The latest neuroscientific research shows that breathwork, in many ways, works through a similar mechanism as psychedelics in that it reduces activity in the Default Mode Network…

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Working Through Strong Experiences in Breathwork

Breathwork will give you the experiences that you need to create wholeness in your being. It may create a strong experience, for example, even a sense of panic, during the breathwork as your psyche tries to release the energy that is stuck inside of you, such as feelings of insecurity…

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